About Us

Hugs in Rugs is a volunteer project that makes free handmade items to comfort pets in shelters. We support shelters and rescue centres across the UK and abroad by donating handmade pet comforters.

Hugs in Rugs is a multi-beneficial project:

  1. Benefits to the animals – comforters:

    • have got a calming effect to animals many of whom have been abused, abandoned and traumatised,

    • help to ease the stress of the homeless animals,

    • help to ease the transition when the animals are adopted since they take their comforters with them to their new homes,

  2. Benefits to the shelter – comforters give more homey environment for shelter pets waiting to be adopted into a new home,

  3. Benefits to the maker – satisfaction of making comforters and helping pets in the same time, seeing the results of the crafting skills.

To see who we helped to date, click here.