About Me

Photo of me at Celia Hammond Animal Trust

My name’s Izabella Szykula and I am a founder of Hugs in Rugs. My story started on one August’s night 2013 when a young stray female cat appeared in my garden. I’ve always been an animal lover so I didn’t want that poor little creature to end up in a shelter with hundreds of other homeless cats waiting in a long queue to be adopted. I tried to find the owner by putting up notices in my local area but did not receive any responses.  This poor cat constantly appeared in my garden every day at which point I decided to give this cat a forever loving home and named her Lala. I contacted a charity who neutered and microchip her.

Whilst Lala was being neutered, I was thinking about other shelter cats. I wanted to give something which would make the sheltered pets more comfortable and feel less frightened. I bought a few blankets for the shelter.  I then thought about making my own comforters and recycle my unwanted or old towels, blankets and bedding. I didn’t have any sewing skills at that time so I purchased a sewing machine and completed a beginners sewing course. I started making blankets, mats and cushions by the end of 2016.  And that how Hugs in Rugs began. This is not only my hobby but it’s my passion, dedication and commitment to providing a better environment for these poor animals. My mission in life is to give soft comforters to every sheltered pet.

This one stray cat has now changed my life forever!

First night the poor cat appeared!

Now known as Lala